: : Midnight falls where the woodlands kiss the sea.
Steps a seer through the veil,
conjuring and tempting thee.
All is shadowed as the realm of men sleeps still,
Her nocturne not a song,
but the scratching of a quill. : :


I am starting a tattoo apprenticeship under Bill Earl and our work space is the most amazing century-old church located on the North Side of Pittsburgh. The new St. Wenceslaus was a Bohemian church built and dedicated on October 7, 1900. It was used as a place of worship throughout the century until the last mass took place on October 15, 1989. When Bill began using the church he decided to call it The New Bohemian and an artist’s heaven was born. The resurrection of the space is a big project but I am looking forward to starting something new with other creative minds. The church is continuously inspiring the more and more it’s resurrected. Here I’ve posted a few of the architectural highlights of The New Bohemian: Stained glass, the original ceiling fresco paintings, and the golden sash that hangs above what was once the altar.

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